Welcome to Liberal Insight!

So I have, on and off for a good few years, blogged about various things regarding my life and other such things of interest to myself. Mostly it has been concentrated on music and cultural things, but now I feel the time to express my political views over the internet.

“INSIGHT!?” I hear you all cry. Well I may not necessarily be able to offer you the best insight into the way the Liberal Democrat party are always operating and can’t always guarantee I know for sure the intentions of the party in government, but I hope what I can do is give you, at the very least, an insight into the mind of a young Lib Dem looking to make sense of the messed up political world we live in, the political system and the party I am a member of is a part of. I want to be a voice (in an already highly populated political blogosphere!) that can speak independently of the party in a way that can at times be critical, but more important than that, constructive of how the party can cope with the struggles of being in coalition with a party that, by history alone, stands for many things that sit at the opposite end of the political spectrum to that of the Liberal Democrats. So I may not necessarily be the best beacon of praise for the party, but I hope I can at least be part of something that wants to see the party do well in government and do its best to upholds its values to better the lives of people living under the current coalition.

There are many things I hope to cover over the next few blog posts that cover a wide range of issues in politics, with a specific relevance to the party itself. They include the economy (something you’ll come to realise I’m not too hot on), education and democracy to name but a few. It is important, I feel, that we as politically active individuals are heard loud and clear on the issues we feel most passionately for. This is increasingly important in a party like the Liberal Democrats due to our democratic nature, as we are a party where the grassroots political activists actually play an important role in the formation of policy and choosing the direction the party goes in. Our democratic nature means it is up to the likes of myself and people like me to ensure we are using our democratic powers to help the party move forward in a positive manner. It is the democratic processes the party upholds that really got me hooked in when I became a member in 2008. So it seems simple; if the opportunity is there then why not utilise it to make a positive difference in the party?

I hope that you come back to this blog as I am hoping for it to be a continuous stream of my political thoughts which will then become a starting point for debate. So if you are ever reading and wish to challenge me on what I have said then please do so! I am here not just to lecture on my own points of view but to learn from other politically engaged individuals. I thank you for reading up to here and I hope you visit again when we can get down to the exciting task of debate and discussion!


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