#CashForCameron and where this leaves the Liberal Democrats

The Sunday Times tomorrow will be formally ‘breaking’ their story tomorrow about the allegations (well, concrete proof) regarding Peter Cruddas, Conservative Party co-treasurer. The Sunday Times undercover reporters question Mr Cruddas about what a donation to the party would mean for them and their business. Cruddas spoke how “Two hundred grand to 250 is Premier League” He also went on to say that “… what you would get is, when we talk about your donations the first thing we want to do is get you at the Cameron/Osborne dinners”. Such a story will spell disaster not just for the Tories but also for the Labour party who will no doubt be made to re-address their former scandals regarding the influence of wealthy donors on political parties.

Some had seen reform to political party funding as an issue well and truly swept under the carpet, but these events will surely rekindle the flame for reform. This is where we need to make sure our party steps in. I truly believe that our policy of state funded parties is the clear and moral alternative to the sorry state of affairs we have now. Cameron vowed to help end political lobbying, declaring it a “scandal” and there is no way in hell he will want to be tied to this latest scandal and certainly not to the status quo. If he has a decent bone in him he will lead his party to back any reform we put forward. I believe it is only right that the Lib Dems lead on this because its either us, CashForCameron’s Tory party or Labour who still remain well and truly buttoned up in the Union’s pockets.

If we can’t win in an environment like this, with a setting so perfect then we never will. The party needs to act now and I call upon Nick Clegg to do it not just for the party, or for the coalition, but for the sake of politics in Britain.


By the way, sorry I haven’t posted in so long I’ve been very busy and I shall explain all soon 😉


2 thoughts on “#CashForCameron and where this leaves the Liberal Democrats

  1. You just voted through the NHS bill. Without mandate, without listening, and without the courage to point out it wasn’t in the Coalition Agreement.

    You were complicit in destroying something this nation could be genuinely proud of.

    Nobody cares what you have to offer “the politics of Britain.” You don’t deserve the hold on power you have.

    You are despicable and unelectable.

    Give up.

    • Considering the NHS bill has not even taken effect yet I think its a very naive comment to make about how the NHS has been “destroyed”. I guess you’re just another person who didn’t even take time to read the bill!

      Neil, I suggest you calm down and support the reform we put forward. Otherwise you’ll be stuck with scandal like this quite possibly for the rest of your life.

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