What do we stand for?

Now I know this isn’t something that, as Liberal Democrats, we should be asking ourselves but maybe it might be worth asking the average voter this question. We used to be the party generally associated with PR and far too often just seen as a place for protest voters. But since the coalition this has changed dramatically. People now view us as ‘that party in coalition.’

When policy is coming out of coalition it is clearly very difficult to put our name to legislation when almost all policy is part of a collaborative effort with the Tories, even if it had originated directly from our manifesto. So the big question for 2015 is gonna be what do the Liberal Democrats stand for? It is very rare that you find a voter who will instantly think “ah yes, you’re the party of the pupil premium!” Sadly, we still have a very long way to go and things won’t get easier if we don’t begin to establish where our true priorities would lie in a Liberal Democrat majority government. PR wasn’t and simply isn’t enough. This blog post is not an answer to this problem but its more of an acknowledgement that we should not forget that a lot of people still don’t actually know what we really stand for.

Something to think about in the light some pretty dysmal results.