Why I would like to be the next Vice Chair of Liberal Youth

So, I’ve put my name forward for Vice Chair of Liberal Youth. One of the requirements was to submit a 300 word statement, but due to my dodgy laptop I did not manage to do this on time. So, I thought it would be nicer to write a quick blog post explaining why I want to be Vice Chair and what would possess me to do this.

Basically, I’m one of those moany chatbox types. If you’ve seen me post on the LY chatbox then you probably recognise I have something to say on most issues and I don’t hold back from saying what I think. But it has got to the point where I need to find a way to be able to channel these words, and quite often frustrations, in a way that can be beneficial to Liberal Youth. I think shouting from the sidelines will only get me so far, so shouting in exec meetings will be much more proactive (don’t worry, I won’t actually be shouting. I shall try and do that “nice” persona thing y’all seem to like in people these days).

So what is my vision for Liberal Youth? Well, ultimately, a lot of what I will be doing is to support Sarah in her day to day work as Chair of Liberal Youth and ensuring we communicate our efforts and messages well internally. But to take on a role of prominence like this I feel it is important to be independent and be open about what it is that you would like to see change. I think a lot over the past year, or so, has been done to address many of the problems we have seen in Liberal Youth historically. Some of these positive changes include:

– Finally seeing election turnout on the up.
– Seeing a more active and engaged membership than as far back as I can remember.
– A shift in the agenda (a greater focus on FE issues has been a really great thing to see, for example).
– Awesome freshers campaigns (which in turn have helped skyrocket recruitment of new members).

The list could go on, but I still believe there is more to do. There are still bridges that need to be built to reconnect with those who still feel disengaged and let down by Liberal Youth. I want to help lead on these efforts to rebuild trust and to seek out new friends in the movement. I understand making big pledges won’t really get me anywhere as it is very difficult for one person to fulfill their entire vision, but here are just a few changes I’d like to see made:

– For Liberal Youth to continue reaching out to young people in students in places where we had previously left untouched (Further Education students as a prime example).

– To help work towards establishing Liberal Youth as a strong, progressive and truly liberal voice in the student movement (making more of an impact in Student Unions and NUS would be a good start!).

– To truly lead on the issues that will matter to young people and students most in 2015 (free education is close to my heart, it would be nice if we could be vocal on this in line with our policy…).

– Ensuring Liberal Youth continues to be a strong election campaigning force like we saw in Eastleigh. When we put our time and efforts together we can truly be a campaigning force like no other. 

– We also need to support and empower young people who want a career in politics. To truly be champions of young people in politics then we must support those who look to stand in elections and represent the party.

So yeah, that sort of outlines my vision for Liberal Youth. I know not everyone will agree with me on everything, but I do like to think I represent a small percentage of people who often feel they are voiceless or shut down from the mainstream debate within Liberal Youth. With me on the executive I think I will be best fit to address these issues.


Thank you for reading and if you’re on the LY exec I do hope you consider voting for me 🙂 Feel free to ask me answer questions!